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iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Big Blue Filter Review

The access to the purified water from every Tap of your home is possible by installing Whole house water filters. But they are an expensive option to avail for water filtration. iSpring being reputed for manufacturing the Cost-effective models for the potential users have launched iSpring WGB32B.

iSpring WGB32B

So, everyone who is looking for the effective models made up of higher quality material at the Economical price range can get the whole house system installed in their homes.

iSpring WGB32B Review

Hereby reading iSpring WGB32B Review you will be familiar with all the features and the advantages associated with this model that leads you to make the final informed decision.

Best Overall

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

w/ 20-Inch Sediment and Carbon Block Filters

  • iSpring Whole House Water Filtration System is an affordable, easy to use, complete home water filtration system that provides up to 100 gallons per day of clean, healthy drinking water for your entire family.
  • The 3-stage filtration process effectively removes sediment, chlorine taste and odor, cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, bacteria (including Legionella), viruses including Hepatitis A & E Coli 0157:H7.
  • The iSpring

Overview of iSpring WGB32B

iSpring has introduced the 2-stage and even the 1-stage whole house water filter. But this iSpring WGB32B is the 3-stage water filter with the capability of removing 95% contaminants from your water.

No Matter what’s your water source, whether your home has the municipal water source or the well water source. iSpring WGB32B works best in both of the situations. The system has the ability to serve more than we expect from it.

This performance level at that price range is hard to find in other Whole house water filters. iSpring WGB32B enables everyone to have a high-end system right into their home.

iSpring WGB32B does not fall under the category of compact systems, it requires the larger space in your home. This larger housing ultimately increases the water flow to serve you in a better way.

The system is easy to install. You just need to be a little bit handy and have an interest in doing DIY projects. This investment into your family health security would be the best one that you have ever done.

Overview of iSpring WGB32B
Infographic: Overview of iSpring WGB32B


iSpring WGB32B is one of the highest-rated whole house water filters due to its ample number of perks. There are some interesting features available in this model. 

Before further ado, let’s get into the detail of its features one by one. 


It is one of the well-performed systems due to its 3-Stages of filtration. Like other systems, iSpring WGB32B filters are also assigned different tasks to perform.


Let’s have a look at the filtration process.

1st Stage: This stage is essential for the life of the next filters and helps them to treat the water more efficiently. This is the 5-Micron sediment filter, which has the duty to remove all the large-sized particles from the water like dirt. None of the larger sized particles can make their way to the next filter. It will eliminate all of them.

2nd Stage: This stage has the carbon block filter which is also rated as the 5-micron filters. This filter has the ability to remove 90% of chlorine from the water. Along with the chlorine, all the other chemicals, smell, and foul chlorine taste will not be any more in the water.

3rd Stage: This stage is an extra protected layer that performs the same as the 2nd stage does. This Stage removes all those particles and chemicals that may leave in the water. It is to ensure that whenever you turned the faucet ON, only purified water comes out.

Interestingly, for the filtration, it has the 3 big blue filter housing which means you can customize the filters according to your filtration need. This 3 big blue filter is capable of handling with different cartridge filters, you can choose any of the filters from any brand to incorporate in this model. It will save you money in the long run.

Size and Flow Rate

iSpring WGB32B is not the compact one like other systems. You must have relatively more space to get it installed into your home.

If you are considering it as the downside, wait for a while. You are thinking totally in the wrong way.

Size and Flow Rate

It is another perk that is associated with this model. This larger housing, filters are the reason for the higher water flow and even sustain the water pressure. iSpring WGB32B has a water flow rate of 15 gallons/ 50 liter per minute.

Along with the larger filters and housings, a 1-inch port is also helpful to increase the water flow rate and even helpful in extending the life of the water filters.


The ease of installation is also associated with this model. The whole process of installation is straight forward. Anyone can get it installed without calling any plumber. You just need to be a handy person with the interest to perform the DIY tasks. All the components are colored and labeled which helps you a lot during installation.

Do spend some time in starting to understand the process before actually starting the setup of iSpring WGB32B, it will save you from the damage and the leakage that may cause due to the lack of knowledge.


A well-written Instructions manual is the primary source to understand the process step by step. Along with the instructions manual, you can go to their YouTube channel Tutorial videos for getting the directions to install this model.

If you are not interested in setting it up by yourself, call the professional plumber. He will do it for you within an hour.


iSpring WGB32B activated carbon filters have the capacity of 100,000-gallon water, which means you need to replace the filters after at least a year. The replacement of filters is essential for keeping the performance at a higher level.

The 3-Big blue housing enables you to customize the filtration and allows you to install any filter from any brand to have a higher level of efficiency from the system.


iSpring is NSF certified and meet all the standard of ANSI, which ensures that the system is made up of higher quality material. Along with other components, filters are also of a higher quality that can easily compete with other high-end brand filters.

Beneficial Minerals

Unlike reverse osmosis systems, iSpring WGB32B whole house filter does not remove the Total dissolved solids from the water. Meaning that all the beneficial minerals will not be removed from the water. And you will have fresh mineral tasting water.

Customer Support

The USA Based customer support of the company is too responsive and cooperative. They are always waiting behind the phone to answer your queries. Even if you get stuck in the filtration process, their expert will guide till you have completed the installation.

Who Can Buy This?

iSpring WGB32B has the ability to treat the municipal water source and the well water source effectively.  So it does not matter what’s your water source, you can get in right into your home for your family’s health. For well water, WG32BM is another option from iSpring which some additional features.

This model is not for only residential use. Along with homes, iSpring WGB32B can be installed for commercial use. And believe me or not people are praising this system due to its performance.


  • Inexpensive filters
  • Ease of installation
  • Minimal pressure reduction
  • Responsive Customer support
  • Longer life span of filter
  • Maximum filtration efficiency due to CTO Carbon Block filters
  • Big blue filter housing
  • Suitable for both well and municipal water supply
  • pressure relief button
  • Eliminates iron and lead


  • No softener

Final Thoughts

A system that can provide safer, healthier, cleaner water all the year round is hard to find in the market. iSpring WGB32B is the best option to avail when it comes to having the whole house water filter. After installing this system you will have delicious cooked food. Most importantly, it takes care of your skin along the hair care.

The Owners are praising this system and highly recommended because of its higher water flow rate of 15 gallons, Performance, high-quality components, reliability, and due to other perks.

If you are thinking of getting a whole house water filtration system then you may also be interested in reading how to prolong the life of your whole house filter.

We have covered every detailed feature of this unit, to help you in making the final decision.

If you have found it useful, do share it with your friends too! 🙂

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