CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water filter Review

The UC-200 is equipped with patented, NSF-tested filter media composed of KDF-55 and acid-washed catalytic coconut shell carbon. Moreover, Water soluble cations, chlorine, and other organic and inorganic contaminants will be reduced by UC-200.

From the purification process to taste, and from the design to the affordability, CuZn UC 200 is the best fit product that can meet all of your requirements. I highly recommend this specific water filter. This process removes the chemical taste and odor often associated with municipal water.

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water filter Review

After doing extensive research, we have crafted the detailed CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water filter Review. So, you can make an informed decision. Here you will get everything that you must know before making the purchase.

So before further ado, lets figure out all of the Goods and the Bads of this Product.

CuZn UC-200 under Counter Water Filter Review

When it comes to Under Counter water filters, most people choose CuZn UC-200. This product holds every feature for which the potential prospects look for. It received a great deal of positive feedback from users for its many features. Among many other under sink water filters, it scores at the top. You will find it to be the most effective water filter for producing the healthier, safest, and cleanest drinking water.

Among many other under sink water filters, it scores at the top. You will find it to be the most effective water filter for producing the healthier, safest, and cleanest drinking water.


Cuzn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

1. Cuzn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

50K Ultra High Capacity – Made in USA

  • An innovative new design, the CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter combines the advantages of an under sink water filter with the convenience of a countertop water filter.
  • There is no well water compatibility with the CuZn Model UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter. This model will only work with municipal water. It does not soften your water, it is just a filter. The UC-200 uses KDF 85 to remove chlorine and chloramines from your drinking water, as well as microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.


Under the vision of customers, reviews about this water filter. It is  the most prominent item with features that contribute to making it the best-selling unit over Amazon.

Design & Components

CuZn UC-200 has a significantly better design than other water filtration systems. Due to its compact size, it can be installed under any sink.  Your kitchen won’t be crowded by it, and you can easily hide it under the counter.

If you don’t have the space for installing even the compact RO system and don’t want to compromise on the produced water quality either, then CuZn UC 200 Arsenic is going to be the Right Fit for you..

The components that have been used in making this best-rated model, all are NSF Certified. The components of this unit have been tested against the NSF standard 42 & 61 that leaves no doubt on the quality of the filters. The rigorous testing of NSF certificates makes it the most durable option that you can get.


The convenience and the durability feature of this model make it the best, but it is not limited to it. While comparing it with other filters, you will experience the noticeable difference in the performance too.

To purify the water it uses a 3 stages filtration process that includes Micro Sediment Membranes, KDF-55 & Coconut Shell Carbon. All of these incorporated filters in the unit performed together but have different responsibilities and treat the water differently.

Here we have broken down the filtration stages/process so that you can easily understand the science behind it.

  1. Micro Sediment Membrane: That’s the first stage where the water passes through the Sediment membrane, it is solely responsible for removing the sediments of the water to make the water taste better. It can’t deal with the heavy particles or with the chemicals.
  2. KDF-55: That’s the second stage, where all of the chemicals included in the water will be eliminated including lead, mercury, chromium VI, chlorine, and many more. Moreover, it works to avoid the accumulation of bacteria in the filter.
  3. Coconut Shell Carbon: The last stage, removes all of the organic and the inorganic contaminants from the water, including many VOCs, pesticides, and others.

Unlike most of the RO systems, CuZn UC 200 water filter does not remove the beneficial minerals from the water but can’t let the harmful minerals to live and grow in the water either.



The compact design of this unit allows any standard kitchen sink (countertop) to fit underneath. There’s no need to worry about installation. It is preassembled and requires little effort on your part for installation.

The adjustable wrench is all you need; don’t worry about gathering all your plumbing tools. After disconnecting the cold water line, connect it with your CuZn UC-200. Moving on, connect the stainless steel hose along with the cold water valve and the inlet of the unit.

If you are still confused about the installation process, then it’s better to take help from the learning tutorials. You can easily find them on their website. The video given below could also be helpful to you for understanding the installation process.


As opposed to a Reverse Osmosis system, CuZn UC-200 filters cannot be separated and replaced separately. The whole system has to be replaced after reaching the specified gallon production amount.

You do not need to replace it after 3 months. The filter is capable of filtering up to 50,000 Gallons of water, which is quite enough for home use. Generally speaking, it’s going to be with you for the next 5 years. Interestingly, this capability of CuZn UC 200 eliminates the quarterly maintenance cost.

( What are your plans to do with this saved money? 🙂 )


The product is full of features and the powerhouse in itself. But obviously, every product has some limitations. The product scores well in every required feature, but when it comes to performance with the well-sourced water, CuZn UC-200 failed to serve in a better way.

This unit is not suitable for water that is highly contaminated. We must ask you to avoid this unit if you are living on well-sourced water.

Although it performs fairly good enough with the municipally sourced water, if you have the city water supply, then there is nothing to worry about as it holds lesser contaminants relative to the well water.

I would love to say it’s a limitation instead of a drawback.

Pros & Cons


  • Compact designed
  • NSF Certified
  • Best performing 3 stage filtration process
  • Cost Effective Option
  • Durability
  • Long Lasting filters (up to 5 years)
  • Best water flow rate


  • Does not purified well-sourced water completely

Final words

CuZn UC-200 proved itself to be the best cost-effective option for those who have the municipal water source. You can get every feature that the water filters must have. You can’t find the contrary reviews over this unit, just due to the exceptional performance.

We can comfortably say it to be the benchmark for most of the other under counter water filters. It seems to be the best bet when we compare the features with the price. It is highly recommended for exceptional performance, design, durability, convenience, longevity, and for a better flow rate along with the great tasting water production.

You can’t afford to miss it!

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