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Do You Know How to Reset Your Water Heater When Hot Water Is Not Supplied by It?

Have you ever been into the situation where you entered into the washroom and there is no hot water or you wanted to wash some dinner dishes and waited for 3 minutes for the hot water to arrive but in vain?

This is the point where the first thing that strikes in your mind that something has gone wrong with your water heater. And at the nick of time, there is no help to arrive. What would you do in this situation?

How to Reset Your Water Heater

We bring you the ultimate guide that will definitely help you out in those emergencies in which you found yourself. this guide will provide you the complete information for coping with the issues of how to reset water heaters.

Come and let’s start the topic with the first section on how to check your water heater for the issues that are causing the problems for getting you the perfect hot water.

Check Your Water Heater

The first step that you should perform on how to check water heaters is to check your water heaters. This is the most crucial part because you are having no idea how to check and open and resolve the issue you are facing.

The first thing that you would do is to remove the panel cover with the screwdriver and see for yourself the panel that operates inside the water heater. All you can see are the button that has different functions. Further, there is a reset button on the upper portion of the thermostat. This is the most crucial button that every water comprises of. This reset button controls the thermostat and if it is lit in the upward direction it means that the switch of the thermostat has tripped and switched off. All you need to do is reset the button.

Check Your Water Heater

Furthermore, there is an additional reset button at the bottom that is controlled by the lower thermostat. You need to reset that red button as well.

Upper & Lower Thermostats

It is for the additional information that the thermostat of your water heater comprises of two thermostats that are commonly known as the upper thermostat and the lower thermostat.

Upper & Lower Thermostats

Whenever the tank of the water heater gets empty the water is filled in and the heating system of your water heater starts working with two of its thermostats. The first or upper thermostat heats the water in the upper portion and the lower is responsible for heating the water in the lower portion. Both of these thermostats work seamlessly to heat the water otherwise the water starts to get cold if any side is not performing its tasks.

How to Reset Water Heater

Now you need to learn how to rest the water heater. The process of resetting your water heater is an easy task to perform. All these water heaters that are equipped with modern technology have got some user-friendly approached during the manufacturing process. This feature makes them easy to operate and maintain water heaters.

How to Reset Water Heater

Turning It Off

You need to turn off the water heater right before you need to do something on your water heater. There must be no connection to the electricity whatsoever the case will be. You can switch the water heater by switching it off from the electric socket that is attached to the cable of your water heater.

Removing Cover & Insulation

Now the step comes for removing the cover and the insulation that comes with your water filter. In addition, all you need is a screwdriver and then find a removable plate that comes with your water heater. You need to be careful while removing the screws as there are chances of you dropping the plate on your feet.

Furthermore, there is an insulation material that covers the plate so you need to remove it as well in the first place so that the control panel of your water heater becomes visible to you. The insulation material usually comprises the form of foam or pads that covers the plate and the panel from rust, dust, and water.


The next step for you to perform is to reset the water heater. This can easily be done by the specialized reset button that comes with every water heater. In addition, many water heaters come in the market that has got the reset button marked with the red color and it is written over them.

Now as you can see that the reset button is in the downward position. You need to push it back to the upward position. In addition to pushing it upward, you need to have a firm grip for performing the task. These reset buttons are specially designed in a manner so that turning them is a hard thing to do.


Furthermore, now you have to consult the instructions manual that gives you the perfect guidance in the operations forward. Some water heaters come in the market that has got the ability of multiple buttons. The first one is on the top and the other reset button is on the lower side of the panel.

So you need to have complete knowledge of how many reset buttons that you have. Once you have overturned the reset button you need to wait for some time so that the tripping sound of the water heater comes making you sure that the water heater will commence its operations when plugged into the electricity. Now place the insulation back and turn the screws to their position and


Switching It Back

The last step for you to perform is to switch it back to the electricity. Now that the electricity is restored wait for a few minutes so that you need to observe the water heater for resuming its duty. As the standard time passes you will notice that the water heater started its operations and back to the duty it used to perform for you previously.

Keep Your Safety First

The steps that you need to perform are here but you must keep your safety as the first option. The things that you should do right before opening your water heater are to take off the electric wire out of the electric socket. The second thing for you to perform is to keep a safe distance from the electric wires and never tries to open your water heater when it is operational or it is connected to electricity.

Furthermore, take care of yourself while taking the plate out of the control panel as it is heavy, and in case you drop it try to keep your feet safe. and in the last whenever touching the circuits or panels try not to touch them with bare hands.

Our Thoughts

You can easily have an idea of how to reset the water heater. The step elaborated above are for your convenience and we hope now you have got the idea of resetting the water filters on your own without hiring the professionals that you used to hire previously.

These steps are very easy and user-friendly but there are always some things that you need to keep in your mind is that safety comes first if you are not easy with the process go hire a professional lest you have found yourself in some trouble.

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