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Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Review

We have discussed EcoSmart tankless water heater review with the most prominent and trendy models. EcoSmart is equipped with the latest technology with the most energy-efficient products. Ecosmart reviews tell that all the series have innovative flow sensor technology that makes them different from others. With the working potential at least activation limit, EcoSmart tankless water heater has beaten the market.

Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater

Mostly, the water heaters are equipped with a manual thermostat, but EcoSmart has come up with the automatic type.

From larger to smaller homes and points of use, you would get all types of water heaters in this review. Keep in mind, all the heaters, small or large, meet the safety requirements and quality standards.

EcoSmart tankless water heater warranty

Different EcoSmar series come with different warranty times. A typical gas-powered tankless water heater comes with a warranty of 12 years for heat exchangers. On the other hand, the electric-powered heater offers a lifetime warranty. The POU series has the least warranty time that is 1 year.

EcoSmart tankless water heater issues

Most customers complain about the leaking of their heater after some time. We do not deny this issue, but the main reason for this common problem is the lack of maintenance. They need good maintenance after a specific time interval to clean the lime scales. You do not need to call for a professional. This task can be done at home with great ease.

Top 5 Ecosmart Tankless Water Heaters



Price/ Rating

Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Review

EcoSmart 8 KW

7.5 GPM 0.82 Energy Factor Rating Gas, Outdoor

Best On Budget

Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Review

EcoSmart ECO 11

Max GPM 8 0.80 Energy Factor Rating Natural Gas, Indoor

Top Rated

Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Review

Ecosmart ECO 18

Max GPM 6.6 0.82 Energy Factor Rating Natural Gas, Indoor

Best Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart ECO 27

Reasonable price Unmatched quality Lifetime warranty

Premium Choice

Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Review

Ecosmart ECO 36

Max GPM 6.6 0.93 Energy Factor Rating Natural Gas, Outdoor

Self Modulating

EcoSmart 8 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater

1. EcoSmart 8 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater

8 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology

  • The EcoSmart 8 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater is a tank-free water heater that provides endless hot water without the need for a storage tank.
  • The product features patented technology and is ETL certified to provide up to 8 gallons per minute of continuous flow, making it ideal for residential homes with 2 bathrooms.

This electric tankless water heater uses an energy efficient design that reduces operating costs by as much as 70% over conventional gas or oil fired tank heaters. EcoSmart Eco 8 comes with a very lightweight that need 8000 watts at 240 volts to become fully functional. This model is equipped with self-modulation technology that is very smart to track the requirement and work accordingly. This series is the latest one that is adorned with advanced features.

The same technology never lets warm water get short.

Like other models of EcoSmart, this model is very efficient to save energy up to 60% that makes it useful. The internal water heater is made of copper and stainless steel. This construction makes it a very durable product. Plus, corrosion and leakage would not produce so, there are zero chances to develop leakage.

The temperature can be controlled digitally with the help of an integrated display. You can set the temperature according to your requirements in a specific location.

The design is very compact to save space. Just install this unit, and it would save space up to 12 cubic feet. You are offered a warranty of a lifetime, but the accidental damage does not entertain by the company.

Best of all, the unit comes with a remote control that makes the temperature adjustment very simple.


  • The size is compact and small with a very smaller weight
  • The self-modulation technology saves the power
  • The remote control makes the dealing very easy
  • Installation is very simple and quick


  • Extra wiring is necessary to install it
  • Not fit for whole-home usage
  • Only for point of use

Best On Budget

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

2. EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

13KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology

  • The EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 13KW at 240 Volts with Patented Temperature-Sensing Flow Control provides a continuous supply of hot water on demand.
  • The unit is installed in place of a traditional tank-type water heater and features a patented temperature-sensing flow control that senses the incoming cold water temperature and adjusts the flow rate accordingly to deliver hot water at the selected temperature.

This allows for more efficient use of energy as well as reduced wear and tear on plumbing lines. With good organization, EcoSmart 11 efficiently increases the water temperature up to 105 Fahrenheit. This temperature water limit acts as an initiative to deliver freshly warm water to all the connections. The temperature can be managed according to your specific demand with a 1-degree increase.

When we talk about lower temperatures, say 67 Fahrenheit or below, the performance gets affected. The flow rate becomes low, and a higher limit of water temperature gets lower.

When you want to lower down your monthly expenses, start it by saving electricity by using Eco 11. The mentioned model of tankless water heater lowers your electricity bill up to 60%.

The main reason behind this saving is the working strategy. The unit gets on and starts working only at the specific time you need warm water.

Ecosmart 11 installation is very easy and ready to use. A copper gauge wire #6 and a power supply of 60 Amp are needed to complete the installation process. Ease of usage is accomplished by the automatic temperature setting by this unit.

Although the mentioned model is easy to install, hiring a professional would be worthy of getting flawless installation. Otherwise, the warranty of the product would be adversely affected.

The company offers you a lifetime warranty when you aim to use this model for typical home usage. To ensure all these favors, we recommend you hire a professional and let him install without any damage.


  • The internal components are made of stainless steel or copper that increase its life and stop the unit from being leaking
  • The size is smaller and compact to fit in a smaller space
  • The capacity of warming the water is 2 gallons per minute
  • Eco 11 is good for small to medium-sized home
  • It is good for the environment with a surrounding temperature of more than 67 Fahrenheit


  • The point of use design cannot entertain your full home.
  • A restrictor is required for a perfect installation
  • Only professional installation attracts a lifetime warranty that needs additional cost.
  • Not good for an extremely cold environment

Top Rated

Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

3. Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

18 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology,White 17 x 14 x 3.5

  • The ECO 18 is a revolutionary new tankless water heater from ecosmart. The ECO 18 has been developed to be used with both residential and commercial applications that require dependable hot water.
  • The ECO 18 comes with a patented technology that allows for self-modulation, which means it can adjust the amount of power going to the device based on the temperature of the incoming cold water.

This unique feature allows you to save up to 60% on your energy costs compared to traditional tanked water heaters. EcoSmart has designed this model for full home usage. Though the size is small and compact, you would be served for the entire home. With the small size, you can save space up to 12 cubic feet. Put this unit in a cabinet or other narrow places, and it would not resist.

The heat exchanger is constructed by copper or stainless steel that increases its working life by more than 18 years. This metal construction does not increase its weight hence, making the installation super easy.

It uses the power of electricity to serve you warm water. As compared to the gas heater, EcoSmart 18 has 10 to 15% higher efficiency. This design has made the installation super simple as no gas valve, or duct is needed.

The groundwater determines the level of maximum temperature offered by Eco 18. Plus, a cold climate demands more time to increase water temperature as compared to a medium one. The cold surrounding also decreases flow rate below 4.4 GPM, which is the maximum limit in optimum conditions.

In an area with a higher temperature, Eco 18 can entertain more fixtures due to the increased flow rate. Alternatively, low groundwater temperature decrease flow rate, hence fewer fixtures are being supplied with hot water.

The temperature can be adjusted from 80 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit with the support of an integrated chrome dial. Amazingly, the thermostat automatically adjusts the range in case of abnormal temperature. As you turn the tab on, Eco 18 takes 30 seconds or less to increase the temperature to your required level.

Eco 18 demands zero ventings in contrast to the gas water heater that makes its installation super easy in less money. With smaller maintenance, you can enjoy its service for longer.


  • The size is very small that makes the installation very quick at any place
  • A lifetime warranty is offered by the manufacturer for Eco 18
  • The tag price is not too high in comparison to similar models


  • DIY installation my destroy the warranty due to a damage
  • The Eco 18 is not very strong to cope with the harsh outdoor environment. So, you can install only indoor.

Self Modulating

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

4. EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Reasonable price Unmatched quality Lifetime warranty

  • The EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 27 KW at 240 Volts, 112.5 Amps is a high-efficiency water heater that delivers hot water on demand.
  • The tankless design saves space and installation time by eliminating the need for a storage tank with this efficient model!

It features digital temperature control in 1 degree increments allowing you to set your desired boiling point accurately plus it’s eco friendly – saving energy while protecting our environment too!. The electric power system has made effortless installation possible. You do not need to spend additional dollars on installation as demanded by the gas water heater type. Eco 27 demands zero ventings as it needs no gas line or air supply. Electricity is enough to fulfill the whole need. This aspect and smaller size work collectively to adjust it at smaller space.

Ecosmart 27 tankless water heater reviews show that the installation is super simple, but the manufacturers have to mention it in the manual to call for an expert. This step is necessary to save the warranty as the damage done by the heater owner does not entertain by the company.

Additionally, strong maintenance is not the demand of Eco 27 due to copper or stainless steel interior. Not only does the conductivity get better, but also corrosion does not develop on it. Resultantly, life gets better with fewer leakage chances.

The parts offered by Eco 27 are easy to replace and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The flow rate of 6 gallons per minute is pretty good to fulfill your home’s need. This capacity is enough to entertain multiple fixtures at a time in a warmer surrounding. On the other hand, the flow rate lows up to 3 GPM at the lower temperature, say 37 Fahrenheit. But, this capacity is still enough to serve more than one fixture.

The self-modulation technology is integrated to keep an eye on two factors. First, it tracks the outer temperature, and second, it detects your demand. Self-adjustment is done, as a conclusion, to provide you enough satisfaction. The hibernation mode gets active in a hot climate, or warm water started to flow in pipes in a cold environment.

You should install this heater indoors to ensure safety. The jumpers are integrated with this model to maintain water temperature up to 105 F. This trick provides an extra layer of safety for using Eco 27.


  • Works both in a hot and cold surrounding
  • Internal jumpers make it safe to use
  • The temperature gets adjusted due to self-modulation technology
  • Installation demand no extra venting
  • Sturdy interior to prevent rust and corrosion


  • Designed for indoor installation only
  • It cannot be installed without an expert
  • The startup may take time

Premium Choice

Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater

5. Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater

Max GPM 6.6 0.93 Energy Factor Rating Natural Gas, Outdoor

  • The unit is designed to be installed either indoors or outdoors and requires only a 3/4-inch NPT connection. It features an easy-to-read digital output temperature display and is equipped with a built in low water cutoff protection system that will prevent damage to both the unit and the plumbing system in case of accidental overuse.
  • With an energy efficiency rating of up to 98 percent, these units can save you money on your utility bills.

ECOSMART ECO 36 tankless water heaters are compact and stylish, making them a great choice for your home. This model of Eco series has the capacity to serve your full home. Its design is very special to serve the hot water to a large number of fixtures at a time. With this model, there is no need to mount heating units at multiple points.

Eco 36 left you with full control over the temperature. It does not offer a range for water but, an exact temperature of the water is delivered all the time. It is adorned with self-modulation technology. This technology tracks your need for water and serves accordingly.

It saves your electricity bill by simply drawing the current that is the exact need of your service. This is a very efficient way to cut down the electricity that makes it different from other units.

Eco 36 works automatically according to your living environment. With the groundwater temperature of 40 Fahrenheit or low, the flow rate shifts around 3 to 4 GPM. This capacity is enough to serve one or two fixtures.

On the other side, with somewhat moderate winter, the flow rate may be shifted to 6 to 8 gallons per minute. In short, the flow rate varies according to the locality, with the least flow rate in extreme control.

No doubt, the installation is very simple, but we advise you to get the services of a professional so you might not destroy its lifetime warranty. Additionally, you need some extra parts to install it correctly that include a 40 A-line, electrical kit, #8 wirings of copper. For full usage, it demands 40 Amps.


  • It offers adjustable control over temperature with a 1-degree increase
  • Self-modulation technology reduces power usage by tracking the exact requirements
  • The energy cost cuts down up to 50 percent


  • The tag price is a bit higher due to its intelligent technology
  • The installation my need additional component that needs an extra amount
  • The flow rate may vary according to a locality

6. Ecosmart POU 6 Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater

6 KW,White,1/20, 1/40, 1/95

  • Ecosmart’s POU 6 Point of Use electric tankless water heater is the perfect solution for your home or business.
  • This unit can provide hot water for one sink at 0.5 GPM in warmer climates and requires 1 x 30 amp breaker and 10 AWG wire. For one sink at 0.5 GPM in colder climates the POU 6 is recommended.

The Ecosmart POU 6 also features an LED display, which shows temperature, power level, and status indicators to help ensure you’re using it safely and efficiently. When you talk about the POU series, then POU 6 comes to mind due to its wide popularity. The maximum flow rate offered by this unit is 1.5 GPM. It is small in size and ideal for point of use. It can entertain one sink at bathroom, or kitchen, RV, or more.

The style is too compact to fit under the sink or other narrow space. The usage is flexible that allows it to switch off when you do not need warm water.

This water heater is very simple in construction and has no thermostat to manage hot water. The temperature cannot be controlled with it can be managed by flow rate. Alternatively, the temperature of water increases statically. The temperature range is 72 Fahrenheit to 105 Fahrenheit.

A digital screen is integrated to track the temperature of the water. The level of water is enough to have a good shower or washing dishes in your kitchen. In the cold climate, POU 6 gets less functional and cannot offer constant warm water with high demand.

With the compact style, good quality materials come forward to make its construction. Stainless steel makes the heat exchanger while the heating element is made of brass or copper.


  • It can serve you even with low flow
  • The inner construction is made of strong material making it durable
  • The digital screen is available to track the temperature
  • Extremely light in weight with a small and compact design


  • Professional installation is needed that demand additional cost
  • No thermostat is available
  • Supply only one connection nearby

7. Ecosmart POU 3.5 Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater

Electric Tankless Water Heater, 3.5KW@120-Volt, 7” x 11” x 3”

  • The Ecosmart POU 3.5 Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater, 3.5KW@120-Volt, 7” is a great choice for homes and businesses looking for a compact unit that provides hot water at the point of use.
  • The Ecosmart POU 3.5 can provide hot water for one sink at 0.5 GPM in warmer climates and requires 1 x 30 amp breaker and 10 AWG wire.

This model of POU 3.5 is very active to provide warm water to the single connection due to its point of use design. You would get hot water at 0.5 GPM. This capacity makes it a good choice for a location that needs less water like a boat or a similar location.

With the groundwater temperature 57 Fahrenheit or below, the performance gets affected. Alternatively, this unit is good for an environment with a medium temperature.

The integrated technology is very advance to cut down energy usage while saving energy. As compared to a typical water heater, the energy saving is 60 percent more.

A very low activation flow of 0.2 GPM is needed to start the device. After activation, the flow sensors start working to modulate the flow. The usage of energy is according to the flow rate that varies from low to high.

POU 3.5 is equipped with a digital screen that allows you to keep an eye on the current temperature. The temperature can be adjusted according to your requirements with a 1-degree increment. The temperature range offered by POU 3.5 is 80 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit.

The compact and lightweight design makes the installation very easy and quick. The same size allows its fitting below the sink or similar narrow space. As you place this heater near the sink so, you do not need to wait for warm water. Additionally, it cuts down the need for a longer pipe.

You need to manage 100 Amps electrical panel and #AWG wire. Plus, ½ inch plumbing connection is also a strong need for a successful installation.

One year warranty is offered for heat exchangers and other parts. No doubt, the warranty time is too short but manufacturers claim that the quality of this tankless water heater is very good to serve you for a longer time.


  • The energy-saving capacity is up to 60 percent
  • Internal parts are made of copper and stainless steel that avoid leakage
  • Smart, sleek, and compact design save the space
  • For activation low flow rate is required
  • Digital display offers simple control


  • Warranty duration is not good
  • It can serve one connection at a time

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

1. In Addition to Ecosmart; What Brands Produce Tankless Water Heaters?

In addition to EcoSmart, other brands to offer EcoSmart are Rinnai, Rheem, Stiebel Eltron, Hike Crew, or more.

2. What Are the Negative Points of a Tankless Water Heater?

Everything that offers huge advantages also produces some disadvantages. A tankless water heater has the following disadvantages;

  • The installation demands extra cost for required parts and professionals to be hired.
  • The maximum flow rate may fluctuate according to location
  • Their price may be high than traditional heaters
  • This type of heater is not for the environment with the least temperature.

3. Enlist the Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater?

The prominent advantages of tankless water heater are as follows:

  • The integrated technology is very smart to ensure energy efficiency
  • You would get unlimited warm water
  • Most series come with sleek, smart, and compact model that saves space very effectively
  • The outer appearance is very appealing and does not look odd.
  • There is no space for leakage because the internal parts are made of copper or stainless steel that ensures durability.
  • It uses one of the different fuels that include electricity, natural gas, and propane. If you have less electricity in your living area, then you can rely on the gas type and vice versa.
  • The tankless water heaters use less amount of fuel yet provide full functions

Final Words

Here, we are going to conclude EcoSmart tankless water heater review. After a full review, we are come up with the result that there are different series of EcoSmart tankless water heaters. All are different in multiple scenarios from technologies to flow rate.

Talking about the Eco series, the flow rate is not too high and these are not suitable in extreme cold. On the other hand, the ESG series offers larger heaters that provide intense war, water regardless of surrounding temperature as they use gas as the main power source. The POU series bears point-of-use models that can serve you even at a low flow rate.

After reviewing EcoSmart, we hope that all the confusion in your mind would be gone. Now, you can find the product of your choice with good confidence while enjoying a strong insight.

Our Recommendation

If you live in a cold surrounding where the groundwater has the least temperature, get the one from the ESG series. Moreover, you can pick the same for commercial usage. It comes in large size to provide full-fledged service. It uses the power of gas to warm the water so, the intensity of heat may not below.

For general home use with medium climate temperature, the Eco series would be ideal. The whole series of ECO use electricity as the power source that makes the installation very simple and quick. The flow rate offered by this series is enough to meet the demand for a full home.

POU series is specifically for point of use. If the flow rate is low in your area, then you can install any model of the POU series to be served. You can place them below the kitchen or washroom sink to get warm water from the respective tab.

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