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When to Change the Water Purifier Filter?

Water purifiers are the need of today’s world. With the increasing levels of pollution, the water quality is degrading day by day. If this water is consumed without treatment, it may lead to serious health problems. Water purifiers remove 99% of contaminants including heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, deadly viruses, and many more.

When to Change the Water Purifier Filter

You should definitely get a water purifier if you don’t have one because it is an excellent investment for a healthy life. Check out our article- top 10 best fluoride water filters of 2022 and get one of these best water purifiers.

When to Change the Water Purifier Filter?

If you are still in search of a good water purifier and collecting information about them, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will let you know the exact time of changing your water purifier filter and some extra information about water purifiers too.

How Long Do Water Purifier Filters Last?

The lifespan of a water purifier filter is already specified by the manufacturer. Check out the user manual of your water purifier and the exact time period will be given to it. Some filters work for 6 months and some only work for a month or two. It will be good if you get the one with a 6-month lifespan. Moreover, the water capacity such as 1000 gallons or 150 gallons is specified in its user manual.

Additionally, some water purifiers have an electronic indicator or a sticker indicator which will let you know the perfect time for changing the water purifier filter. However, if you don’t replace the filters on time, the purifier might stop working due to overuse.

How Long Do Water Purifier Filters Last

You can store these filters for as long as you need. There is no expiry date for them until they are sealed in their pouch. Once you tear off its seal, you have to use it within the given time period. Otherwise, it may get wasted. Moreover, do not use the filter for a long time. There is a possibility of mold growing inside it which can have serious health hazards.

If your water purifier shows any of these signs, you should replace its filter right now

  1. The water tastes bad as compared to before.
  2. If you smell chlorine or any other chemical in your drinking water
  3. The flow rate of the water has decreased.
  4. There are some contaminants in the water.
  5. The time span of the filter has already completed
  6. The indicator shows that the filter is completely used.

How Do Water Purifier Filters Work?

There are many types of purification methods but the most used methods are the ion exchange purification method and the reverse osmosis purification method, also known as the RO method. Check out our article on how long do RO filters last.

How Do Water Purifier Filters Work
  • Ion Exchange Purification Method

The ion exchange method is mostly used to treat hard water so that the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged with the ions of potassium or sodium which makes it softer and easier to use. The ion exchange method is used in water softeners. For more information, check out our article on how to filter hard water.

  • Reverse Osmosis Purification Method

The reverse osmosis purification method, also known as RO, uses a semi-permeable RO membrane through which water molecules are forced with pressure. Therefore, the water contaminants get separated from the water and we get purified water. It can remove up to 99% of water contaminants. For more information, check out our article- how long do reverse osmosis filters last.

Tips for Maintaining a Water Purifier

  • Keep the purifier clean from outside as well as inside. Make sure you clean the water purifier at least once a month so the contaminants do not get accumulated inside the purifier for a longer time.
  • Change the RO filters as per the specified time period as it is good for your health and for the purifier too. Otherwise, the water quality goes on worsening as time goes.
  • Make sure you do the servicing of your water purifier at least once in two months. So that it will go on working for a longer time.
  • Do not use an old unpacked filter after a long time there may be molds and bacteria growing inside it


Water purifiers work with consistent efficiency to provide us with excellent quality and safe water. It is important to maintain them for good working. In this article, we have given detailed information on when is the right time to replace the water purifier filters as per our personal experiences and global surveys. So that you can get genuine information. We also have other articles regarding water purifiers including- top 10 best fluoride water filters of 2022 and the top 10 best water filter pitchers of 2022. Water purifiers are easy to use and install but make sure you have the best working water purifier. You can refer to our articles for a detailed review.

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