What Are Hydroponics Systems?

It must have been wanted by numerous landscapers in the past time to develop plants super quickly. It is a possible strategy in today’s world just with the help of a new technology named hydroponics systems.

It is really important to understand how hydroponics systems work. It is a technique for developing plants in a water-based and supplement rich arrangement. Another thing that differentiates hydroponics from traditional gardening, is that hydroponics did not use soil. Instead, the root system is supported using an inner growing medium.

What Are Hydroponics Systems

The growing medium used for plants in hydroponics systems are clay pebbles,  perlite, vermiculite, coconut coir, grow stones, and lava rock.

Why Does the Hydroponics System Work Well?

The hydroponics system works well because it gives plants exactly what they need and when they need including light, water, and nutrients.

This makes a plant healthy as it’s genetically possible.

Types of Hydroponics Systems

There are 6 basic types of hydroponics systems & you can find all details about hydroponics systems blow:

1. Wick System

This is the simplest, most basic system of hydroponics systems. However, this system is most commonly used by home growers. The Wick system is simple because there are no moving parts, which makes this system a passive system. Using capillary action a roper fabric material draws the nutrient solution upward into the growing medium.

Wick System

This keeps the roots of the plant constantly hydrated. There is no need for electronic pumps or timers. So, it is inexpensive to build. But there is a drawback of the wicking system that it is not an adequate method of growing larger plants.

2. The Drip Irrigation System

One of the most widely used systems in fast-growing plants is the Drip Irrigation system. this is assumed as the most popular hydroponics system. A slow feed of nutrient solution is dripped into the root zone, then recycled back to the reservoir on the growing medium. Slowly and constantly it helps the plant to moisture as it needs and in this way roots stay moist and healthy. The nutrient in this method is supplied to the plant directly through tubes connected with a drip emitter. This emitter helps the dripper to control the water flow.

The Drip Irrigation System

Here are the names of some plants good for growing by The drip Irrigation system.

  • Tomatoes
  • Peas
  • Cucumber
  • Onions
  • Pumpkins
  • Strawberries

3. Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain System)

The reservoir below contains the nutrients. The system is on a timer. This system works by flooding the area or filling the growing tray for a specific time span. After that nutrients drained out back into the reservoir with the assistance of siphons or piping. This cycle repeats many times in a day just allowing the plants to experience periods of wetness and dryness. It is a highly effective and popular hydroponics method.

Ebb and Flow

There are some plants that can be grown by Ebb and Flow method and these plants are:

  • Green frilled
  • Cherries

4. Deep Water Culture (DWC)

Deepwater culture is the simplest active hydroponics system. It’s popular because it’s a fact that it does not require many components to build and it also does not need a timer because plants’ roots are constantly submerged in the nutrient solution. A deepwater culture system typically consists of a reservoir bucket to hold the nutrients solution. Stones are air pumps that are required to grow plants with this method. This is the best system for small plants and really easy to establish.

Deep Water Culture

5. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

NFT is a recirculating system, but the roots are not completely submerged. It flows through channels and over bare roots of plants. It is really a fast-growing method in a limited space. Larger plants may not be grown with this method but smaller plants like herbs can be easily grown.

Nutrient Film Technique

6. Aeroponics System

Aeroponics system is probably the most challenging and high tech approach to hydroponics.

Aeroponics System

This is similar to the NFT system, but the roots are continuously misted with the nutrient solution. Therefore, moistening is really crucial to make the plants alive.


It is a fact that now the world is believing in a super fast method of everything. In this article, we have given the readers a structure of growing plants with the method of hydroponics system. There are 6 methods discussed in this conversation. This is a really helpful article for the gardeners and the observers who are looking for the proper guidance of growing plants by hydroponics system.

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