Rheem Proterra 50 gallon Review

In the market for a new water heater? If so, you may be wondering if a Rheem Proterra 50 gallon is the right choice for your home. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this water heater and what makes it such a popular choice. We’ll also discuss some of the pros and cons of choosing this model so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing. So, if you’re considering buying a Rheem Proterra 50 gallon, read on to learn if it is the right choice for you!

Rheem Proterra 50 gallon Review

Whatever water heater you choose, you are going to be investing a fairly substantial amount of money. Which is why we do our best to give you highly researched recommendations that are tested by our experienced staff. Today we are going to review one of the best and top selling high end hybrid water heaters of Rheem. By the end of this article, you’ll get to know everything there is to know in order to make your choice.

Rheem ProTerra Smart Hybrid Water Heater – 50 Gallons

Best Choice

Rheem ProTerra Smart Hybrid Water Heater

Rheem ProTerra Smart Hybrid Water Heater

Up to 4x the Efficiency of a Standard Electric Water Heater.

  • This hybrid water heater also gives you the opportunity to control and schedule their five types of operation modes according to your own routine and lifestyle all from the ECONET app.
  • The heat pump technology of Rheem ProTerra makes it really efficient up to 3.75 UEF and energy saving.

The Rheem’s ProTerra is one of the smartest and high-end hybrid water heaters in the market today and they are perfect for all sized homes, big or small. It also delivers the convenience of savings in the form of a federal tax credit – when you buy and many more features that will truly urge you to get them home and replace your old water heater.

Quick Specs!!!

Product BrandRheem
Model noPROPH50 T2 RH375-30
Water tank capacity50 gallons
Dimensions62 inch tall, 25 3/8 inches wide
Energy factor3.75 UEF
Fuel typeElectric
Carbon reduction levelBest
Wifi connectionBuilt-in ECONET
WarrantyOne-year labor and 10-years parts warranty

Now let’s dive deep into the detailed features and reviews of this hybrid water heater so you can know everything about it and know whether it will meet your requirements or not.

Control Operating Modes & Scheduling – According to your lifestyle

This hybrid water heater also gives you the opportunity to control and schedule their five types of operation modes according to your own routine and lifestyle all from the ECONET app. The five different operation modes of this hybrid water heater include the energy saver mode, electric mode, heat pump mode, high demand mode and lastly vacation mode.

The energy saving scheduling programs this hybrid water heater very efficiently means they work by matching your needs throughout the day. In simple terms, the unit has higher production during the higher demand usage times like in mornings and evenings, dropping to low production when no one is at home, during the day.

Control Operating Modes & Scheduling

The vacation mode scheduling sets the water heating costs minimal for up to 2-28 days when you are on vacation or away from your home. You can set any schedule from your smart phone through an app if you are in a hurry and have already left your home.

We love this feature, as it means you can save energy by keeping the water heater working at a minimal rate. Usually, the only way to save money while away is to turn the unit off. But with vacation mode you get the energy savings without the need to turn the heater off, this is a real benefit in cold climates where there is a risk of freezing, which can destroy a water heater.

Heat Pump Technology – Smart and High Efficiency

The heat pump technology of Rheem ProTerra makes it really efficient up to 3.75 UEF and energy saving. This technology allows the heater to pull heat from the air around it which is then used to help heat the water, dramaticly reducing your energy costs.

This feature makes this hybrid water heater a certified energy star which is 400% more effective than other traditional water heaters in the market.

Leakgaurd Auto-Water Shut-off Valve – Constant Protection

The Rheem ProTerra provides peace of mind by having the feature of constant protection. Because they can prevent your home from water damages with their amazing exclusive water leakage detection and prevention technology.

They can also automatically shut off the water valve when they realize that water leakage exceeds the limit of 20 oz. of water in as little as 15 seconds.

Leakgaurd Auto-Water Shut-off Valve

This is another feature that is nice to know you have when you are away for a period of time, there is nothing worse than returning from a vacation to find that your water heater has been pouring out thousands of gallons of water the entire time you were away, causing all sorts of damage.

Carbon Footprint Reduction – Earth Friendly

This hybrid water heater has the feature of carbon footprint reduction which means it produces and releases very fewer greenhouse gases which literally make this heater highly earth and environment friendly. It uses 75% less energy compared to other electric water heaters and tanks. So they have very minimal impact on the environment and are 4X more efficient than others.

Smart Control From Your Phone – Built-in Econet

As we are living in the era of technology where every gadget is being controlled through your smartphones without considering your distance from them so why not water heaters.

Smart Control From Your Phone

This hybrid water heater has a built-in ECONET feature that allows you to control the settings through your smartphone right from the palm of your hand. You can check out the energy usage, the temperature of the water, set the operation modes, scheduling, and any leakage or other notification, it will alert you directly through your smartphone.

Saves Energy and Money

Rheem hybrid water heater is a highly efficient, energy-saving water heater which makes it ideal because it uses less energy to operate than standard electric water heater tanks and when idle only costs around the same to run as a 100 watt classic light bulb.

The efficiency of this hybrid water heater saves a lot of money! The average household will save around $480 per year on their electricity bills which means you will ultimately save almost $5000 over the minimum 10 year life of the heater, but as many people report similar Rheem products lasting 20 years, you can expect the savings to continue for longer.

Depending on where you live, you may also be eligible for savings in the form of a federal tax credit, you can also get rebates offered at the state or local government level due to upgrading your home equipment from standard level to an energy-efficient water heater.

Saves Energy and Money

Smart Design and Manufacturing

The Rheem hybrid ProTerra water heater units are made very intelligently while considering quality at every turn. They are made from durable stainless steel and use premium quality anode heating rods with resistors that can dramatically extend the life of your hot water tanks. The walls of the water heater itself are surrounded by 2-inches of foam which provides excellent thermal insulation to keep inside water hot, further reducing the heating cost.

The other neat feature of this water heater is its LED display which is bright and shows all the information you need to know and alerts you to errors, or maintenance issues, making it easy to diagnose any problems that may occur.

Advanced Diagnostics and Warranty

The advanced diagnostics of the Rheem ProTerra hybrid water heater is really helpful for the plumbers that they can view detailed alerts and audible alarm codes at the water heater by Rheem contractor App which really speeds up the service, another cost savings because we all know how expensive a plumbers time is.

They are designed in such a way that they are very easy to install, they are just like other traditional and standard electric water heaters. 

Advanced Diagnostics and Warranty

Here are some pros and cons of this absolute Rheem ProTerra hybrid water heater that we summarize after reading some genuine reviews of the customers from official and best online selling stores. So you can find out whether this water heater meets your requirement or not.

Pros & Cons will be there

Easy and convenient availability of product and brand is very important because if you need any support, service and replacements you should know your brand retailers so you can approach them.

You can easily get in touch with Rheem through their official website – Rheem.com. Then you can click on the contact and fill out the form for either buying a specific product or finding contact information for a specific product.

They are also available on amazon and home depot. These online retailing stores provide genuine and best quality units as their customers are pleased.


  • It has leakage detection and auto shut off water valve guards to prevent damage.
  • It offers significant monthly savings on electricity bills.
  • It has a hot water availability indicator which means you can avoid cold showers.
  • It has a wide range of water temperature from 37 to 145 degree fahrenheit.


  • It can get a little noisy due to the heat pump system when the compressor kicks in.
  • Its recovery times can be much better than a standard electric water heater.
  • It is taller and more top heavy so installation can be overwhelming.
  • The 50 gallons unit is smaller for you if you your family do dishes, take showers and laundry at same time.

Frequently Ask Questions: FAQ’s

Here we are first answering some questions that should be cleared before heading towards the review. Let’s just get started now.

How Are Hybrid Water Heaters Different From Traditional Water Heaters?

Hybrid water heaters are different from traditional electric water heaters because they don’t generate heat directly, instead they use electricity to move the heat (energy) from one place to the other which means they are more upgraded and efficient.

Why Should You Choose a Rheem Hybrid Water Heater?

Rheem Hybrid water heaters have gained more popularity among the clients just because of their good reasons and benefits such as of smart connectivity, more efficiency, reducing electrical bills, costs savings, longer-life and durability and improved warranty are the reasons that hybrid water heaters giving more satisfactions and delightness to their consumers. They are also very easy to install and provide constant protection from leakage or other issues. That’s why you should choose rheem hybrid water heaters.


Upgrading your water heaters are not really easy because they cost upto 1000$ means the right choice is necessary. You can find different varieties and brands today in markets selling water heater units which make your decision-making even more difficult.

In this article, we reviewed and recommended one of the best Rheem ProTerra hybrid water heater for you. Hope you find this product meets your requirements and our effort helpful in bringing more comfort and ease into your life. Go grab yours now and upgrade your old standard electric water heater with a more efficient and cost saving water heater.

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