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iSpring RCC7AK-UV 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Review

The Reliable Reverse Osmosis Systems of the high-quality components that provides the real value of money is very rare in the market. iSpring RCC7AK- UV Deluxe is one of those reverse osmosis systems which guarantees all these features. This model is the part of the iSpring RCC7 Series, we will figure out in this “iSpring RCC7AK-UV Reverse Osmosis Review” that how this model is different from others and what makes it unique.

iSpring RCC7AK-UV 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis

iSpring RCC7AK-UV Overview

iSpring RCC7AK-UV is highly rated by the owners, has all the features that the top-notch reverse osmosis systems must-have. The contamination rejection rate is higher than others that makes the water more purified and healthier to drink.

For having the contaminant-free and cleaner water to drink, the manufacturer makes the size of the systems fairly small you can easily fit it under any standard kitchen cabinet. Once you installed the system under your kitchen the water goes through the 7 stages of filtration to filter the water.


iSpring RCC7AK-UV

1. iSpring RCC7AK-UV Overview

NSF Certified, 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System Under Sink

  • iSpring RCC7AK, NSF Certified, 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System Under Sink, Alkaline Remineralization Filter System with Automatic Shut Off Valve and LCD Display.
  • The iSpring RCC7AK is a high quality reverse osmosis system that provides you with clean and safe drinking water for your entire family.

This system is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to meet the highest standards of safety and performance. Interestingly, along with the filtration, the water will be treated to add back the beneficial minerals in the water. The remineralization stage will have the duty to restore the minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other beneficial minerals into the filtered water that improves the taste.

The additional protecting layer of UV has also been installed in the systems, ensuring that even the well-sourced water can also be converted into fresh drinking water. The UV Light removes all the possible micro-organisms that may be left after the basic filtration process.

Using this advanced technology of filtration you can produce 75 Gallons per day, which makes it a higher capacity system. Moreover, to produce a single gallon it flushes around 3 gallons of water.

All the essentials including the faucet and storage tank will be included in the box for the installation, which can be done within an hour.

Water Efficiency

The water efficiency is measured by considering the water waste ratio. The system with the water waste below 3-4 gallons is considered as efficient systems. Although, the efficiency varies from system to system and directly depends on the Feedwater pressure. You can reduce waste by increasing the water pressure.

Water Efficiency

In the case of iSpring RCC7AK-UV at the standard water pressure, Like APEC ROES-PH 75 it wastes around 3 gallons to produce the 1 gallon of purified drinking water. The water pressure in which this system performs at its maximum level is 40-80 psi, which is ideally available in every household. If your water pressure is below then 40 psi, a permeate pump would be the best option to reduce the waste by increasing the pressure. Although, the pressure regulator will be required if the pressure is above 80 psi.

Advanced Filtration Process

iSpring RCC7AK-UV is the 7 stage reverse osmosis water purification system.  Along the basic filtration process, RCC7AK-UV is incorporated with the additional protection layer called UV light, and the additional stage of the remineralization stage is also involved in the filtration process.

Let’s have look at how this addition in the filtration process can serve you in a better way and what are the advantages associated with these stages.

Remineralization Stage

Many people claim that during the filtration process all the beneficial minerals are gets removed from the feed water and cause the bland taste water.

For this reason, iSpring RCC7AK-UV has installed the Re-mineralization stage that restored the minerals in the water after the filtration. This stage ensures that you are drinking fresh mineral tasting water. It also improves the taste of the water and ultimately improves the taste of even your cooked food, coffee, and tea.

Remineralization Stage

UV Light

The UV light is the approved technology by EPA to be used in the filtration process for removing the smaller micro-organisms that may find out their way out from previous filtration stages.

All the 99.8% micro-organisms from feed water will be eliminated by this filtration stage. Obviously, in the end, you will have pure H20 with beneficial minerals to drink. Chlorine might be a way to deal with micro-organism but it is not as effective as this stage is.


Installation is never an issue when it comes to iSpring Reverse osmosis systems. They are easy to install and can be easily fitted under every standard kitchen counter. If you have not done’ any installation tasks ever before in your home, still you are able to perform its installation.

You just need to be a little bit handy and willing to read the instructions manual before starting the installation process. Although, the instructions manual might not help you that much to understand the process as it is poorly written.

But don’t be too quick to call the professional plumber. The Tutorial videos are available online with great clear instructions. You can follow them to install your own iSpring RCC7AK-UV 7 stage Reverse osmosis.

Most importantly, if you fail to understand anything or got stuck anywhere during installation their customer support is always waiting to help you. They are too much responsive and their experts will instruct you to get it done.




Filter replacement depends on the quality of feed water. Although, the standard filter replacement duration that is given by the manufacturer is the following.

  • Pre-Filters (Stage 1-3): 3 to 6 Months
  • RO Membrane: 2-3 Years
  • Post-filter (5th stage): 1 Year
  • Remineralization stage (6th stage): 3 to 6 Months
  • UV Light (7th stage): Almost 1 year or whenever blub light can’t blow

Although, iSpring RCC7AK-UV has the cartridge filters. Unlike modular filters, cartridge type filters require a little bit more effort to replace. Obviously, everyone can do a little bit more work to have the purified water at the economical price range relative to other systems


  • Additional filtration layer of UV Light for Removing 99.8% of micro-organisms.
  • Remineralization stage to add back the beneficial minerals
  • Ease of installation
  • WQA Certified Filters
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Responsive Customer support
  • Water leakage alarm inside the box


  • Filter life is shorter than other competitors, but the price is better than other systems
  • Poorly written instructions manual.

Final Thoughts

This reverse osmosis system is the variation of the well-reputed system iSpring RCC7. This feature-rich system also gets the same positive response that RCC7 models get from the owners.

iSpring maintains its reputation by providing the same superior quality products. RCC7AK-UV has reasonably priced a way better than from others. The Filters have a shorter life span, but the quality, performance, features and the price relative to other makes it the highly recommended system.

After having this small water filtration plant into your kitchen, you will never regret your decision. It will be part of your home for the lifetime.

We have covered every detailed feature of this unit, to help you in making the final decision.

If you have found it useful, do share it with your friends too! 🙂

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