Installation of Pur Water Filter on a Pull-Out Faucet

For getting pure drinking water, it is very crucial to select the correct filtration system that gives you best results and make more pure endless feeling for your family. Pur is a very famous water filter faucet & you will learn to install it.

The purpose of Pur water filter installation in the kitchen is to get clean, pure filtered water at the most common use place. Pur water filter is the best for kitchen sinks because that gives you the system to work with sprayer.

Installation of Pur Water Filter on a Pull-Out Faucet

There are two types of kitchen sprayers, most famous one is the Pur pull-out faucet. Pur pull-out faucet is most commonly used in the kitchen and its very easy to use and very easy in replacement of filtration.

And the second is a separate filter side sprayer we install with a normal sprayer.

Factors of Selection Pur Water Filter

Pur water filter pull-out faucet is the best selection for getting fresh drinking water. Pur pull-out faucet water filter passed major factors that are very important while selecting a water purifier sink attachment.

Factors of Selection Pur Water Filter


Health is wealth and Pur water filter is carefully made to remove mercury, pesticides or industrial chemicals and enjoy pure water that great for health.

Easy Setup:

It is always helpful if you have an easy to set up water filter. Therefore, Pur water filter installation meets this requirement. As we can very easily install Pur pull out faucet.


In the Pur water filter manual, there are detailed instructions given on how to install a Pur water filter.


After installing, there must be the maintenance of the Pur pull out faucet as there are in the manual mentioned water filter replacement instructions. When you get this filter, there are three or more sizes available to fit perfectly with the kitchen sink sprayer.

Instructions and Installation – How to Use Pur Faucet Water Filter Adapter

A filter can remove and clean the contaminants of water. Pur water filter pull out faucet installation can clean microbial elements easily, and you will get filtered clean water.

It is obvious that there is an instructional manual with our water filter, but to get one, we need to go into deep analysis to select the perfect one. And we must know whether the installation does need a plumber or is done by a common man easily.

Instructions and Installation

Therefore, we will go in the installation of a water filter to pull out the faucet.

  1. There are three or more sizes of aerators with pur filter to install the best suitable to the faucet. And these aerators are the pieces that fit at the end of the faucet.
  2. Firstly, you will unscrew the aerator. After it, there is a need for an adapter.
  3. There are always different sizes of faucet adapter, and installation of a Pur filter can be difficult, but Pur water filter comes with a kit that has so many threaded adapters as well, as advanced Pur filters come with four different sizes of faucet to easily install Pur water filter with required size. So, these faucet and Pur water filters work side by side.
  4. After selecting the right plug, put the correct size of gasket that comes with a Pur water filter.
  5. After it, the plug is easily screwed up with the faucet; even you can screw it up with your hands. There is no need for maintenance tools; that is the plus point for a common user to get pure water.

How to Install a Pur Water Filter? – Installing Process

Water is an utmost basic need that must be clean to avoid contaminated germs and viruses. So, Pur water filters are also a time saver and money saver as well as you do not need to bring gallons of water at home. However, you will get pure filtered water at home from your kitchen tap.

Now the Adapter is installed properly now; it is very easy to install a Pur water filter.

  1. The next step is to remove the top of the water filter top as is mentioned in guiding the Pur filter installation.
  2. It must be kept in mind the alignment arrow must be at the proper place for avoiding spilling.
  3. Now properly set with the faucet, and after it, the filter top will be screwed back on top.

Instructions for Installation of Pur Pull Out Faucet

It is essential to remove the sink faucet tip. Then you will take out the aerator, and you will put it back later. Now you will test a variety of adapters that come s with a water filter. You will try each adapter for the best fit in the faucet. After selecting and fitting the right adapter, it is time to fix the gasket rubber to stop the leakage of water.

Pur Filter Installation

Pur Filter Installation

Firstly, you will remove the top of the filter unit.

Secondly, there is an arrow made on the front of the filter cartridge. You should align at the side of the unit now, screw the filter top that we removed earlier on the unit again. And to keep it prominent, the Pur filter is embellished with a Pur brand logo.

Thirdly there is an adapter that you will install so that you can connect the filter to the faucet.

Note: When you are fixing the filter with the pull-out faucet there, you will hear a click sound when you will press on the right point.

A Practice increase age of Pur Water Filter:

It is not necessary that you use the filter continuously. You can on it or off it as there is a black lever at the side of the filter unit. So, when you are doing dishes, you can turn your filter off and use it flat. You can use a filter for pure drinking water by pressing the lever down. You should keep it in consideration to use the filter with cold water.

Run Cold Water to the Filter:

Moreover, while using the filter for the first time, Run the cold water for five to six minutes. It will bring more age to filter. After doing these steps, the filter is ready to use, and take filtered water any time you want.

Pur Water filter light indicators:

There are indicator lights and three colors to show the life of the filter and tell when there is time to change the filter.

Pur Water filter light indicators

First, Green indicating light means the device is working perfectly.

The second, yellow light indicates that it is working, but you have to change it soon because it is at its last phase.

Third, the red light is indicating to stop using it because it is clogged, and now you need to replace it to get pure drinking water from the Pur water filter.

It is time to remove it from the faucet to install a new Pur water filter to pull out the faucet. Simply there is a quick-release button on the filter to take the filter. You will see the white color small notch buttons just to press them both together to free the filter to remove.

The Best Fit: Pur Water Filter to Pull-Out Faucet

  • It can be difficult with older faucets to attach an adapter for the faucet to at the end of the thread. Pur also offers other fittings, but to get an alternative fitting, you need to purchase it on their website.
  • There might be leaks around the point of connection, which can result in water loss. Make sure to inspect the rubber gasket near the top to make sure it is in good working order.
  • It’s not cracked, damaged, or pitted. If the gasket’s condition isn’t in good working order, the gasket must be replaced.
  • It is essential to ensure that the adapter is tightened before fitting the assembly to the threaded faucet component. So, selecting the correct gasket and adapter is very important in the perfect installation of the Pur filter.
  • We can use a Pur water filter for two years as the company is claimed, but the over usage can decrease the lifespan of the filter. It’s one of the most affordable methods to guarantee high-quality drinking water. It will also ensure that the pull-out faucet that reaches it be easier.
  • This will prevent plastic bottles from ending up in the trash heap.

Finalizing Installation

Once the filter is assembled, it should be able to click on the adapter once it is in place. Make sure to push it until you hear get the sound of clicking to ensure a secure installation. You must press an appropriate button in order to activate the filter.

Finalizing Installation

Once the filter is complete, it is necessary running cold water for at least 5 minutes or more in the filter.

The filter is cleaned when it is flushed down. So, check the indicating flashlight. If it is shown red, then it is time to replace the Pur filter.

A lot of models have the option of switching off and on the filtering. This allows the user to protect the life of the filter during activities like washing dishes or cleaning countertops when the water supply is sufficient.

A New Pull-Out Faucet

The addition of a pull-out faucet to the Pur water filter is challenging if there are space limitations. Filters for Pur are the most effective because they are easily attached to any regular filter.

Installing a New Faucet Takes Some Effort to Learn How

If you have an area limitation, you should make an opening and then install a new faucet that has the filter plugged beneath.

Installing a New Faucet Takes Some Effort to Learn How

If you’re planning the entire house’s filtering system, then you must for a pull-out faucet to have and a separate filter. There will be a proper and clean flow of water when the filter is cleaned, and the water speed will be good.

You can install an under-sink filtering system that can be connected with the supply of water.

So, drink healthy water from the faucet that you pull out. If the pull-out faucet is equipped with an integrated sprayer, it could be helpful to wash fruits and vegetables but not for filling bottles.

Final Thought:

There is an authentic solution for not facing any problem while installing the Pur water filter on the pull-out faucet.

You should install the faucet that is best matched to install the Pur water filter. So, you will not feel any difficulty for Pur water filter installation to pull out the faucet.

In case you have an old, old faucet and are not compatible, then purchase a new faucet with a Pur water filter to not to face any difficulty in installation and in the long run. So, Drink Clean Eat Fresh and Live Healthy.

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