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How to Change Aquabliss Shower Filter

AquaBliss is a popular brand of shower filters that can help you improve your water quality in the comfort of your home. AquaBliss products are easy to install and maintain, but changing the filter requires some specific steps. This article will teach you how to change an AquaBliss shower filter so that you can get back to enjoying clean water!

Unfiltered shower water contains excess minerals which can cause itchy and dry skin. It may also lead to hair loss due to contaminants such as lead, mercury, chromium, copper, zinc, lead, and bacteria.

AquaBliss shower filter is one of the best shower filters with a multi-stage filtration system that can reduce dry and itchy skin by filtering out 99% of water contaminants.

How to Change Aquabliss Shower Filter

If you are having trouble with the AquaBliss shower filter, don’t worry! We have given a detailed guide on how to easily change it yourself. Plus we’ve included some general information that may be helpful in your endeavor- including instructions and tips from other users who have successfully replaced their own filters without issue before too!

How to Change Aquabliss Shower Filter?

When Should I Change the Water Filter Cartridge?

The cartilage should be changed every 6 months as specified by the manufacturer AquaBliss. However, depending on your usage it can be safe for 8 months or for 3-4 months. However, do not use the filters after a long time. You will also know it’s time to change the cartridge when your soap won’t lather up as much, and your skin may start to feel dry also the water will smell of chlorine or your hair may experience breakages and thinness.

Now let’s move to a step-by-step guide on how you can change an AquaBliss shower filter cartridge on your own.

Step 1

Remove the showerhead from the shower arm by slowly unscrewing it. Now, open the shower filter, you can see a used old filter cartridge in it.

Step 1

Step 2

Take out the used filter cartridge and make sure the canister sides are clean. If it is dirty remove the debris and wash it with water and some mild soap.

Step 3

Now, there are two sides in a cartridge, one is the mesh side and the other one has pores. Place the new filter cartridge such that the mesh side is facing upwards and the pores one is facing downward.

Step 3

Step 4

Close the water filter with the new filter cartridge inside it. Do the same you did while opening the showerhead. Make sure it is tight enough for no leakages to happen.

Step 5

Once you have replaced the old filter cartridge with a new one, attach the shower head to the arm. Make sure there are no leaks and the shower arm is clean from inside. Otherwise, clean it before attaching.

Step 5

Step 6

After replacing the filter it is recommended you run water through the newly replaced filter for a minimum of 60 seconds. Place a bucket underneath so that you can catch the water. Don’t worry if you see some black dust coming out with discolored water. It is just the fine carbon dust and is totally normal. The water will run clear after a minute or so.

Step 7

Do not throw away the discolored water. You can use it for watering your plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Aquabliss Shower Filter Remove?

AquaBliss shower filters can remove heavy metals, harmful chemicals, bacteria and viruses, and unpleasant odors too.

How Long Should a Shower Head Filter Last?

A shower head filter should last for up to 6 months or to be precise 10,000 gallons without replacing the filter cartridge.

Can Shower Filters Soften Water?

No, they can’t soften the water. To some extent, they can remove the hardness, but they can’t fully make it soft. You will need a separate water softener for that purpose. Shower filters can only filter out water contaminants.

Does the Shower Filter Stop Hair Loss?

Some people say yes, shower filters can help you out if you are experiencing hair loss because the contaminants in the water can be the reason for you losing hair.


That’s how you change the filter cartridge from your AquaBliss shower filter. They are easy to install and are a really good investment. Many skin and hair problems may be solved by simply using this AquaBliss shower filter because it can reduce the harmful chemical compounds and heavy metals from the water. Moreover, the filters last for 6 months.

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