Apec VS Ispring: Which One Should You Shy Away From?

Drinking water is a basic human necessity and a daily requirement. There is a risk of many contaminants in the water that can lead to serious health hazards like infectious diseases, heavy metal exposure, and the presence of many industrial and agricultural wastes.

It is difficult to buy bottled water every time as it is an additional financial burden and adds to your daily household shopping. There are many methods to purify water for drinking purpose, and these include, Charcoal filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Distillation, Alkalization, and Ionization.

APEC vs ISPRING provide you a hassle-free method of purifying water through reverse osmosis at your doorstep, giving you a quality product with remarkable efficiency. You can choose one of these brands according to your demands, and this review article will help you find the best among these two products




Both of these products give a five-stage perfect filtration system added to the RO system and make your drinking water 99.9% pure and free of contamination.


These products are not so economical. However, for crystal clear, odorless water, it is intelligent to invest once in a lifetime for long-term benefits.


These water filtration systems can be installed over the counter or below the sink according to the space available in the kitchen and don’t occupy much space.


The perfect fitting system and leak-proof piping keep your kitchen clean and tidy all the time.


The carbon filter’s expected life span is up to one year, and the RO membrane’s expected life span is up to 3 years.


Both of these products are easy to install; anyone having a little knowledge of plumbing can adjust the filtration chambers and high-quality leak-proof pipes fitting done by himself with the help of the manuals and the videos provided by.



APEC comes with a five-stage filter that removes the contaminants effectively and provides crystal clear and healthy ice water to drink.

On the other hand, ISPRING comes with a six-stage filter with a final alkaline remineralization stage. It adds healthy minerals and gives a better taste to the water.


It is the first filtration step that filters the solid contamination like dirt, debris, rust, and mud which can cause damage to the delicate membranes of the RO. This filter in APEC is made up of propylene and can filter the contaminants up to the size of 5 microns, it is sealed, and you can never judge the time to replace this filter accurately.

On the other hand, ISPRING has a 5 micron and 100% propylene filter that can filter the debris, and it has a unique feature that the filter is transparent and can easily change it when needed without opening the complete filtration apparatus.


The next step of filtration in APEC is carbon filtration in the second and third chambers; these two carbon filters adsorb all the additional impurities and make water pure and clean, as well as removes chlorine from the water, making it odorless as well.

ISPRING uses a carbon filter in the second chamber to remove chlorine and adsorbable impurities from the water, and in the third chamber, it has an activated charcoal filter covered and protected from direct contact with the particles adding more time to its durability.


It is important to understand the method of reverse osmosis to understand this magical step of filtration. In reverse osmosis, water is sucked through a membrane to keep the impurities out of the product water that is clean and nourishing to the cells of our body.

This membrane is specially designed to keep all the minerals, and heavy metals, bacterial toxins, and toxic substances away from the drinking water, and it should be periodically changed after a certain period of time to keep the quality of the water up to the mark.

In the APEC filtration system, this membrane is designed in a spiral fashion to increase the time of contact between water and the membrane providing ample time to clean it from all the impurities. However, it doesn’t give enough information about the type and the qualities of the RO membrane labeled an Industry Standard RO membrane. It can purify 50 gallons of tap water per day.

ISPRING can purify up to 75 gallons of water per day, making it a suitable organizer for a large family. It can purify 99% of impurities with the help of 0.0001-micron filters to give you clean, clear, and odorless healthy drinking water.


ISPRING has an additional sixth step to add all the beneficial minerals to the water, and it makes water alkaline to match the ph of the body and makes it more healthy to drink.

APEC doesn’t have this feature.


This feature is missing in the APEC water treatment facility.

ISPRING uses KDF media to make an additional protective layer and keeps the heavy metals away from the product water.


APEC water system reduces Odor, chlorine, sediments, tastes, lead, nitrates, arsenic, fluoride, heavy metals, and VOCs.

ISPRING can reduce Odor, chlorine, sediments, VOCs, lead, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals.


APEC has a warranty of 2 years.  ISPRING gives two years warranty with an additional benefit of lifelong technical support for their product.


APEC  is a WQA gold-sealed certified water treatment facility and gives you standardized water quality.

ISPRING is tested on all the NSF standards but no certification issued to its name to date.


The APEC gives a better long life prediction for the carbon filters that is almost 12 months which is a little less approximately 6 to 12 months with the ISPRING water treatment system.



The method of ultra purification removes the harmful bacteria and contaminants from the water. It renders the ph of the water acidic that is harmful to the body as naturally human body’s ph is alkaline, and this acidic water can dissolve many minerals into it and can be harmful to the human body.


A large multi-staged water filter occupies a large space in the kitchen, whether kept over the counter or settles down the sink, leaving a small space for the drainage pipes and detergent stuff in the kitchen.


During the process of purification, all the minerals are removed from the water, without any discrimination of the healthy and the harmful. It can lead to the deficiency of certain minerals in the body that are usually absorbed from the water.

Final verdict

APEC and ISPRING both a blessing for all those who find it difficult to get bottled water every time and need and consider it a burden on their pocket, as this once a lifetime installment with a little maintenance every year provides them an easy approach to the pure drinking water.

APEC is the preferred choice who need only crude decontamination done without a need for ultrafiltration. It is a time-tested, and WQA approved appliance with a simple three-stage filtration system, ready to deliver 50 gallons of water per day.

ISPRING is a sophisticated six stages filtration appliance that can purify almost 75 gallons of water per day, and it adds back all the essential minerals to the water in the last step of water alkalinization.


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